The threat landscape has never been more dangerous with both attacks and successful breaches. A 2022 IDC survey of 500 enterprises showed that over 70% experienced at least one major security breach of their on-premises data centers with the majority experiencing two or more major breaches. The cloud was even more susceptible to breaches with 75% reporting major breaches in their cloud IaaS environments. Security leaders are consequently exploring security strategies that can effectively manage risk through periods of great change by harnessing emerging technologies that deliver predictive insights and accelerate threat response over open architectures to protect their business across hybrid cloud infrastructures.

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Discussion topics include

  • The operational imperatives and priorities that can provide the foundation for seamless, cost-effective and secure data and application portability.
  • The investments that should be considered to ensure that the skills, competencies and architectures are in place to support the dynamic movement of workloads to and from on-prem, public cloud and edge-computing platforms.
  • The technology management principles that should guide decision-makers as the implement short-, mid- and long-term plans for achieving their ongoing business transformation initiatives.
  • Who's this for?

  • IT & security executives (director level and above)
  • Organization size: 1000+ employees